residencia en Paraguay y ciudadanía | residency in Paraguay and citizenship

Many people around the world are turning their gaze towards welcoming and promising nations. Paraguay, with its robustly growing economy and hospitable climate, has become one of those preferred destinations in the search for new horizons and opportunities.

Paraguay, with its robustly growing economy and hospitable climate, has become one of those preferred destinations. Residence in Paraguay, protected by the recent Law No. 6984/2022, represents a gateway for foreigners wishing to put down roots in this vibrant country located in the heart of South America.

But what exactly does obtaining permanent residence in these lands entail?

What is permanent residency in Paraguay and how to obtain it?

In its essence, permanent residence is a legal status that allows foreigners to live indefinitely in Paraguay, granting them rights similar to those of Paraguayan citizens, except for some exceptions in political matters such as the right to vote.

This status provides the peace of mind of knowing that one can plan for a long-term future, invest, work, and even contribute to the social and economic fabric of the country without the limitations often associated with temporary visas.

For entrepreneurs, permanent residence opens up a range of business opportunities in a country known for its macroeconomic stability and low level of tax imposition. For families, it represents the security of an environment conducive to raising children and access to educational and health services.

Ideal Candidate Profile for Residency in Paraguay

As we delve deeper into understanding permanent residence in Paraguay, let’s take a moment to sculpt the profile of the ideal candidate, one who would benefit most from what this generous country has to offer.

Economically, suitable candidates are entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to benefit from an attractive tax system and a constantly expanding economy. Additionally, investors who see Paraguay as a favorable ground for investment, whether in agriculture, industry, or services, are encouraged by the country’s macroeconomic stability and legal security.

Family holds a central place in Paraguayan society, and thus the arrival of complete families is encouraged. Permanent residence is ideal for parents who value a safe and friendly environment for the education and development of their children, as well as for those seeking accessible and quality healthcare.

Let’s not forget retirees and pensioners who, attracted by the relatively low cost of living and the tranquility of the environment, consider Paraguay an idyllic place to enjoy their retirement. For them, permanent residence means living comfortably, making the most of their pensions in an environment that allows them a lifestyle they may not be able to maintain in their home countries.

Residencia permanente en Paragyat | permanent residency in Paraguay
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Benefits of Residency in Paraguay

Delving into the framework of benefits offered by permanent residence in Paraguay, it is essential to unpack the advantages and opportunities that entice individuals from around the world to consider this country as their destination for indefinite residency.

The first compelling reason is the competitive tax system. Paraguay is recognized for its favorable tax regime, characterized by a low tax burden. This fiscal environment attracts entrepreneurs and investors looking to maximize their income and profits.

Paraguay operates under a territorial taxation system, meaning that all income originating from outside of Paraguay is not subject to taxation.

Moreover, if you decide to do business in Paraguay, local taxes are also quite low. You can consult the tax rates here.

Another great advantage is that once we obtain permanent residence in Paraguay, there will be no need to renew it for 10 years, providing us with greater peace of mind by eliminating this administrative hassle.

Additionally, the possibility of obtaining Paraguayan nationality after a period of residency is also an attractive factor. After 3 years of permanent residence, we could apply for Paraguayan nationality.

For those seeking to establish deep roots and forge a true connection with the country, citizenship opens up a range of possibilities, including political rights and travel facilitation, as Paraguay is part of Mercosur and has visa agreements with several countries.

How to Obtain Permanent Residence in Paraguay?

On October 18, 2022, an update in Paraguay’s migration legislation was introduced, originally scheduled for February 2023, with the purpose of adjusting the process for foreigners seeking to establish permanent residency in the country. This amendment, widely considered beneficial, keeps previous benefits intact for permanent residency applicants.

This reform introduces an initial two-year residency period for applicants, after which they can apply for permanent residence. From the start, applicants receive a biometric identity card, which facilitates life and work in Paraguay, as well as allowing passport-free travel throughout South America.

If you need to obtain permanent residency in Paraguay you will need to comply with these 3 points:

  • Available only for citizens of countries with visa-free travel to Paraguay.
  • Requires a deposit of $4,500 USD in a Paraguayan bank.
  • Must open a bank account in Paraguay and prove legitimate source of funds.

Other permanent residency options in Paraguay

  1. Investment in a company:
    • Investment of about $70,000 USD in a company, directly or indirectly.
    • Submission of a business plan showing how the company will spend that $70,000 USD in 10 years.
    • Necessary to submit documents such as proof of source of funds, criminal record certificate, proof of address, copy of passport, etc.
  2. Withdrawal Option:
    • Demonstrate a monthly income of approximately $1,100 USD from a pension.
    • Documents required include proof of retirement, income, passport copy, proof of address, etc.

The required documents for residency application have been simplified to three:

  • Birth certificate with apostille
  • Criminal record certificate with apostille
  • Marriage certificate or certificate of singleness, as applicable

New residents, initially granted a two-year residency, will also receive the Paraguayan biometric identity card and enjoy the same rights as permanent residents. This includes equal treatment in tax matters and international obligations, without changes from previous legislation.

Residencia fiscal Paraguay | Tax residency in paraguay
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How to obtain a second passport in Paraguay?

Automatic Citizenship in Paraguay

According to Article 146 of the Paraguayan Constitution, a person automatically acquires Paraguayan citizenship under the following conditions:

  • Individuals born within the territory of the Republic (known as ‘jus soli’ or citizenship by birthright).

  • Children of a Paraguayan mother or father born abroad while one or both parents are in the service of the Republic (known as ‘jus sanguinis’ or citizenship by descent).

  • Children of a Paraguayan mother or father born abroad, provided they establish permanent residence in the Republic (also under the principle of ‘jus sanguinis’).

  • Babies of unknown parents found within the territory of the Republic (applying ‘jus soli’).

Therefore, regardless of whether an individual is born in Paraguay, has Paraguayan parents, or even unknown origins, the Paraguayan Constitution automatically grants them citizenship rights. It is important to note that the formalization of the right established in the third point is done through a simple declaration by the interested party, provided they are over eighteen years old.

If they have not yet reached this age, the declaration of their legal representative will be valid until they reach the age of majority, at which point it must be confirmed by the interested party.

Another Path: Naturalization in Paraguay

For those who were not born in Paraguay, there is a second route to citizenship: naturalization. In this context, Article 148 of the Constitution specifies the necessary requirements:

  • Be over 18 years old.

  • Minimum residence of three years within the national territory.

  • Engage in any profession, trade, science, art, or industry in the country.

  • Good conduct, as defined by law.
cédula de identidad paraguay | Tax ID Paraguay

Naturalization Letter in Paraguay

To effectively obtain citizenship by naturalization, a Naturalization Letter is required. The requirements are detailed below:

  • Be of legal age (at least 18 years old).
  • Curriculum Vitae (preferably indicating a landline telephone number).
  • Original passport or any other document used to enter the country (if not from a Mercosur member country).
  • Authenticated photocopy of the mentioned document.
  • Legalized translation of the document if not in Spanish, performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Certificate of birth duly legalized (authenticated copy).
  • Certificate of Good Conduct or Criminal Record from the country of origin (authenticated copy).
  • Immigrant Card / Permanent Admission.
  • Certificate of Residence with the date of entry into the country; once permanent residence is obtained, wait 3 years to apply for the Naturalization Letter, in accordance with Article 148, Paragraph 2 of the National Constitution of Paraguay and in accordance with Article 41.
  • Certificate of Life and Residence.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Police Clearance Certificate for foreigners.
  • Criminal Record Certificate.
  • Identity Card (authenticated copy).
  • Work Certificate on letterhead from the company, Commercial Patent, Taxpayer Registry (R.U.C.) if it is a legal entity, and Bylaws.
  • If you own registered properties, include an authenticated deed.
  • Application under the sponsorship of a lawyer.
  • Judicial Fee.
  • Sign a sworn statement issued by the Supreme Court of Justice.
Documentos de naturalización en Paraguay | Naturalization documments Paraguay


  • All documents not in Spanish must be translated by a registered translator, and the translation must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • If they are not original documents, they must be authenticated copies.

  • The interested person must personally submit the Naturalization application for the signing of the sworn statement.

  • Approach the Taxpayer Service Office of Judicial Revenue in your judicial jurisdiction (2nd floor of the North Tower of the Palace of Justice in Asunción) or visit the website to make the payment. With the printed payment receipt, go to authorized payment points or banks to pay the judicial fee.

Knowledge Demonstration

According to Article 46 of Law No. 464 of June 26, 2007, to be granted naturalization, applicants must undergo an exam assessing their fundamental understanding of one of the official languages of the Republic, along with knowledge of its history, geography, and constitutional regulations regarding loss of nationality.

Does Paraguay Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes, according to Article 149 of the Constitution, dual citizenship can be accepted through an international treaty based on constitutional reciprocity between the natural origin states and the adoptive state of the individual. However, to date, the only country with which Paraguay has established reciprocity is Spain. Depending on your case, it might be interesting to obtain this passport or simply residence.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to Paraguayan Citizenship

The process of acquiring Paraguayan citizenship, whether automatically by birth or descent, or through naturalization, is a path full of opportunities and legal benefits that can open doors both in Paraguay and abroad. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through each step of this process, ensuring that all requirements are efficiently and correctly met.

If you are looking to navigate the naturalization process, need assistance with the Naturalization Letter, or simply want to better understand how you can qualify for Paraguayan citizenship, we invite you to contact us. Our detailed knowledge of Paraguayan law and our commitment to excellence ensure that you will be in capable hands.

Do not miss the opportunity to explore your potential right to citizenship in one of the most welcoming countries in South America. Contact us today to start your journey towards a new life full of possibilities as a Paraguayan citizen.




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