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Maximum profit, minimum tax: transform your taxation in less than 3 months

We know why you are looking for an International tax consultancy ...

Did you know that in your career as an entrepreneur…

If you start with € 100,000 net before taxes and grow by 5% per year in a country like Spain, France or Belgium:

How can we help you?

Access legal consultations with international lawyers and tax advisors

Second Passports and Residences

Corporations, Holdings and Trusts

Tax Consulting and Planning

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Gold Individual : €50k – 1M

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Platinum Individual : €1M – 25M

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Tax Optimization



What is Nomad Tax?

Nomad Tax is a firm that brings together lawyers, advisors and accountants located in different countries.

Nomad Tax was created because of a pressing need in the market. We live in a world where Western countries are heading towards extreme socialism, lack of freedoms and high taxes.

Our team has helped consulting over 200 clients by preparing tax planning and creating structures to optimize their tax payments.

Whether you need to register a company in a foreign country, open a bank account or arrange your tax residency we can help you.

Nomad Tax fiscalidad internacional

I am Álvaro and I will accompany you on this journey

In the midst of the pandemic crisis, this phrase made me rethink everything:

“Socialism sacrifices individual freedom for the sake of material equality, which leads to tyranny.” – Friedrich Hayek

My name is Álvaro and first and foremost I am a son, husband, brother and friend.

In the middle of the pandemic my passion (and work) was unleashed. Helping people who contribute to society to pay less taxes and to create a Plan B in their lives.

I love finances and I´m a perpetual traveler. Together with my team we have helped
consulting over 200 clients
to pay less taxes by relocating their companies and individual tax residencies to low tax countries through Nomad Tax.

We also help people to protect and increase their wealth, obtain second residencies and passports, you know, just in case…

At the age of 25 I went abroad to work due to the lack of opportunities that Spain offered me at that time.

After 10 years of traveling the world living in 6 countries and traveling for about 25, creating international companies and relocating to low tax countries I share my experience with you and offer you my team so that you can do the same.

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