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If you need help with international mobility and tax optimization, advice on issues such as residency, business, tax, investment and asset protection. We help entrepreneurs, digital nomads and individuals interested in diversifying their investments and obtaining second passports. Our focus is to ensure regulatory compliance while maximizing global tax opportunities.

We offer you the possibility of designing your own plan B to protect you from unforeseen events. Our goal is to help you take full advantage of international tax opportunities while ensuring you comply with all relevant regulations.

Execution of your Project

Do you want to ensure that the implementation of your plan is as efficient and effective as possible? If so, our NOMAD TAX execution service is what you need.

We know that for some people, executing a plan can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we’ve created this service to provide support and expertise in the implementation phase.

Additionally, our execution service is designed for those who want to quickly advance their internationalization efforts and want to ensure that no valuable time is lost in implementing their plan.

Creation of Companies

Do you want us to give you a hand in setting up your company? We work in multiple countries, take a look at this section if you have a clear idea of where you want to live.

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