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Tax Optimization and Security in one call

Why choose us?

You will receive attention from tax lawyers and consultants who are experts in the field.

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What will you gain by working with us?

garantía Nomad Tax | warranty


Prior to any inquiry we will send you a form in which you will need to provide us your details.

If you do not fit our customer profile and we consider that we cannot meet your needs for any reason we will prefer not to accept you as a customer and we will refund your money.

¿Cómo utilizar una empresa offshore?


Successful business people understand that the real savings lie in creating a solid strategy.

By working with our team you will have the guarantee that you will not make any mistakes when creating your tax structure, receiving advice or changing your residence.

Our colleagues have more than 10 years of experience working in the legal field.

International tax strategies | estrategias de fiscalidad internacional


Our colleagues have done this hundreds of times.

We have a team of highly qualified lawyers and tax advisors ready to offer you the best solution of each of your problems.

We have different solutions adapted to your profile in order to provide you with the best possible option.

Please note that we will not be able to help you if...

On the other hand, we will be able to help you if...

And we've done this hundreds of times...

As I said, the members of our team have more than 10 years of experience in tax law and international law. They have worked in different international firms and have had to deal with 1,001 different issues.

You should only trust a team that has professionals lawyers. Your peace of mind and sound sleep are priceless.

We can help you in 3 ways

international tax consulting | consultoría fiscalidad internacional España

International Strategic Consulting

international tax lawyer | abogado fiscal internacional

VIP International Strategic Consulting

international tax memorandum

Written Memorandum

What Can We Talk About?


Tax Optimization



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Do you have any doubts?

Once we receive your data and have evaluated it, we will provide you with an appointment.

We will send you a form in which we will evaluate your profile as a client. If your profile is not compatible with our criteria, we will refund your money and we won’t be able to continue working together.

You can pay by credit card and by bank transfer.

You are able to attend the online consultation with any partner at your own discretion. However all the information provided is tailor-made and confidential that can not be recorded or shared with anyone, who was not present at the call.

Our team is composed of tax lawyers, you will be attended by a professional in each consultation.

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